A beautiful lawn will enhance any landscape, while a poor lawn will detract from it.  A beautiful lawn will not only increase the aesthetic and economic value of the landscaping of your home but also provide space for outdoor activities.  J&J Lawn Service, Inc provides sod installation for Coral Springs, Parkland and surrounding areas who need replacement or a brand new sod installation.

So how do you select the proper grass for your lawn you might ask?


Here is something to think about when choosing the right sod.

  1. What is your desired amount of maintenance?  Do you want a lawn that looks highly manicured and carefully tended, or are you looking for an average lawn, which will require medium inputs in terms of fertility and maintenance?
  2. What are your environmental & soil conditions?  Do you live near salty environments? Does your property have a lot of sand?  Do you have proper irrigation?
  3. What are your environmental stress tolerances?  Will there be high traffic on you sod?  What is the drought tolerance of your area?
  4. What are your environmental pest problems?  Each turf grass has at least one major pest problem that could limit its use in certain locations.
  5. Do you have a leaf texture and a density preference?  Leaf textures may be coarse, medium, or fine.

Let us help you chose the correct sod for you properties needs.  Call us today for your free estimate! 


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