Here is a unique Valentine’s gift idea.

St. Valentine’s Day, has its origins in the pagan festival of Lupercalia, is recognized in England, France, Austria, Germany, and the United States. Although the custom of sending romantic cards to suitors began in the early part of the nineteenth century, flowers are a more recent custom, not from any ancient belief or tradition.  Originally just men gave women flowers.  In more recent decades, women have given flowers to their true loves on St. Valentine’s Day.

Traditionally, long-stemmed, red roses are associated with this holiday although carnations, tulips, azaleas, and other flowers are catching up in popularity. So are sweetheart or miniature roses, which are just as attractive, but not as expensive, as tea roses and come in the same range of colors from red and pale pink to white, cream, lavender, peach, and yellow.

Instead of giving a dozen roses to your sweetheart why not give them a unique gift that keeps on GROWING.   Have J&J Lawn Service install rose bushes in your yard for a gift that keeps on growing and giving!  Call John to today at 954-732-5008 specializing in service since 1985 in the Coral Springs & Parkland area.


Here are a few of the top roses that grow in Florida

Darby roseAbraham Darby: a medium pink English shrub rose.



Angel Face RoseAngel Face: a fragrant lavender rose, compact and low-growing.



Blush-NoisetteBlush Noisette: a lovely, fragrant, lavender pink climbing rose



Apricot Nectar:Apricot Nectar Rose apricot color, a floribunda rose.



Belinda's DreamBelindas Dream: a medium pink shrub rose.



EuropeanaEuropeana: deep red, a floribunda rose.



Fortuniana RosesFortuniana Roses: specially grafted for warm and humid coastal climates.


Gemini RoseGemini: blushing pink,a hybrid tea rose.



Louise-Estes---HT-Queen---Tom-LehmannLouise Estes: pink, a hybrid tea rose.



MoonstoneMoonstone: white with pink edges, a hybrid tea rose.



Paul NeyronPaul Neyron: pink, an old hybrid tea rose 1869.



PlaygirlPlaygirl: pink, a floribunda rose.



st-patrick-rose-ron-javorskySt.Patrick: yellow, a hybrid tea rose.


Sunsprite-nicoleSunsprite: yellow, a floribunda rose.


indexThe Dark Lady: dark red, a shrub rose.


Veterans HonorVeterans Honor: bright red, a hybrid tea rose.