Have you ever wondered when to irrigate your lawn?

Mulch your garden and landscape beds.

Mulch helps keep the soil moist and reduces erosion and weeds. Avoid piling mulch against plant stems and tree trunks to prevent rot.  Visit our Landscape Materials page to chose from a large variety of landscape mulch.  http://p27.bc7.myftpupload.com/landscaping-design/landscape-materials/


Water at the right time.

Watering in the early morning or late evening when temperatures and wind speeds are the lowest will reduce water loss through evaporation.

Set your timers.

To keep your yard healthy with just enough water, it is important to set your timer with a watering schedule that suits your area considering the amount of rainfall you usually get.

January–12 minutesJuly–49 minutes
February–10 minutesAugust–60 minutes
March–17 minutesSeptember–48 minutes
April–40 minutesOctober–43 minutes
May–64 minutesNovember–32 minutes
June–50 minutesDecember–16 minutes

By following a similar type of schedule in your area, you can save about 10 – 20% on your water bill. However, keep a close eye for signs of excessive wilting if rainfall is not typical. The amount of watering needed can vary by the types of plants you have in your yard.

~Reference Cite – University of Florida IFAS “Living Green” (http://livinggreen.ifas.ufl.edu/water/lawn_care_and_irrigation.html)