When is the right time to fertilize?

How often you fertilize your lawn really depends on how nice you want your lawn to look.  
Do you simply desire curb appeal?
At the very minimum, you should be fertilizing your lawn twice a year.
The ideal temperature would range around  74 – 78 degrees.

Using the correct type of fertilizer and the appropriate volume can do wonders for your lawn.  Fertilizing your lawn will supply extra nutrients to the grass and will make your lawn greener, healthier, and more resistant to drought and pests.

In nature, soil provides some nutrients on its own, but not usually the amount it needs. Proper fertilization allows for deeper root growth and leaf or grass blade growth, and it reduces weeds and helps the lawn recover from pest damage or environmental stresses.

A healthy lawn is an important component to an urban landscape. A beautiful lawn can increase the value of a property, they also reduce soil erosion, filter stormwater runoff,  and cool the air. When your lawn is healthy it can effectively filter and trap sediment and pollutants that could otherwise contaminate surface waters and groundwater.

Proper fertilization consists of selecting the right type of fertilizer and applying it at the right time and in the right amount for maximum plant uptake and benefit.

What type of fertilizer?

Organic and synthetic lawn fertilizer promotes lush growth, strengthens roots and prevents invasive weeds and pests.

There are many varieties of lawn fertilizer available, but most consist of three key nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for leafy growth, but too much can lead to excessive growth, yard burn and discoloration.

The most popular types of lawn fertilizer include granule and liquid forms, which come in synthetic and organic blends. You can also choose between fast- and slow-release fertilizer, and blends containing pre-emergent controls for fighting crabgrass and weeds.

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